My name is Juliette and I’m the owner of Amani Hair Braiding. Before moving to the United States I had a hair salon in Kenya, focusing on natural styles as well as relaxed styles. When I came to the United States, I began working at a friend’s braiding shop in Central Avenue. I enjoyed my experience there. It taught me that hair braiding isn’t only a job and source of income, but a place where African women and African American women from all over the world can connect. Seeing different cultures interact and merge inspired me to open my own braiding shop. In 2006 I opened Amani Hair Braiding. Amani in Swahili means Peace. It became my mission to encourage peace among all that enter. I invited fellow African sisters arriving in the United States for the first time. Braiding become a starting point for them, as they finished school and learned the new culture.


         Amani Hair Braiding is a place not only where I can share my cultural root but a place where all sisters from different walks of life can come together to share our different backgrounds and support each other. At Amani Hair Braiding, we value quality and customer service. We not only give quality but do so with care of keeping hair thick and healthy to retain its length. We put the integrity of our customers first and expect nothing less than a happy customer as they leave Amani’s. We are very proud of our black heritage. Let’s all work to encourage all sisters of the world to come together and promote our culture.